Julia Turchaninova,

Ph.D in Education, M.Sc in Physics

Founder: Education without School,
Parents’ College;

Over 14 books and 70 publications

on education and educational research


Subject Matter Expert/Guest Lecturer

Israel, Holland, Sweden, USA

Foundations and Issues of Teacher Education and Reform of Education: Haifa University, Israel; Hogeschool, Holland; Halmstadt University, Sweden; George Washington University, Washington, DC

Vice-Dean for Research, Development and International Cooperation;
Pedagogy and Psychology Department Chair;

Russian Academy of Education,
Moscow, Russia

Initiated, coordinated and supervised research and publishing programs of the Academy; supervised 26 departments and laboratories; coordinated and supervised International projects of the Academy; taught courses in Philosophy of Education, Curriculum Development, Teaching Behaviors and Personal Teaching Techniques; Educational Leadership; developed and implemented ‘Free Schedule Model’ for Educators Professional Development; wrote and edited books and articles on teacher education and professional development issues.

Russian Co-Director of International Projects

Ministry of Education, Russia

Coordinated and supervised professional development of pedagogy and psychology teaching staff in educational colleges (Russia, USA, Belgium, France, Holland). Other responsibilities: planning, budget, publications.

Physics Department Chair

Schools of Nursing,
Moscow City Council, Russia

Coordinated and supervised Physics teaching in 29 Moscow Schools of Nursing; developed and implemented new standards and new curriculum for Physics courses in those schools.

Visiting Professor

Moscow School of Social and Economic Studies (Affiliate of Manchester University, UK)

Taught Modern Educational Theories for the Master’s Program on Educational Policies.

Board member representative in the USA,
author, "School Principal" magazine


Wrote and translated articles and reviews on American education; negotiated with US authors and media; initiated and coordinated the magazine’s projects; negotiated copyright issues.

Senior Researcher, Analytic and
Research Group ‘School’

USSR Ministry of Education, USSR

Conducted research on the state of teacher education in the former USSR. Developed suggestions and recommendations for the reform of teacher education.

Adjunct Physics Instructor Certified Physical Science Teacher​

University of Houston, HCC, Lone Star CCS TX, USA

Taught college-level physics courses. AP and pre-AP Physics and Chemistry classes; Pre-Calculus, Algebra, Theater, Virtual School


Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Teacher Education), USSR Highest Certification Commission

Master of Science in Physics, Bachelor of Science  with a major in Physics and a minor in French, Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia

Texas Teacher Certification and Professional Development, in Gifted and Talented Education, Math, Physics, Science, TX, USA


Education, Life, and Calling: An Attempt of a Case Study.
In co-authorship with E. Gussinskiy.
Systems research in Education. M., 2008. – 108 p.

A Symptom of systemic disease.
In co-authorship with E. Gussinskiy.
Issues of Education, # 4. M., 2008. – 24 p.

Modern Educational Theories:
Course Syllabus, Course guide and Study materials.
In co-authorship with E. Gussinskiy. M., 2006. – 120 p.

A year in Texas:
Russian Educator’s experience in an American School.
A series of 8 articles and 2 interviews. School Principal, 2003-2005.

Introduction to Philosophy of Education.
Textbook for Teacher Education.
In co-authorship with E. Gussinskiy. M., 1998, 2001, 2004.